Your Online Interactive Podcasting Studio

The immersive experience for creators to interact with their fans Imagine the best of talk radio and live TV in a magical social space

Produce Live Video Shows & Supercharge Your Creative Workflow with The VOKL Studio

Produce a professional live stream

No Software Downloads

Invite viewers to the show

Broadcast with one click to Youtube & Facebook

Engage & grow your audience

Powerful Yet Effortless Features

Invite viewers to join on stage

You can invite your fans to join your show live on camera with full control over their video and audio. Preview their video and audio signal and introduce them at just the right moment!

Simulcast to multiple destinations

Stream your Vokl show to Facebook & Youtube at the same time. Stream to custome RTMP endpoints.

Record high quality audio (coming soon)

Get a locally recorded audio track for each guest.
You can download the WAV file for each participant after the recording

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And Many More Features
  • Overlays (Branding/Banners/ …)

    Overlay your content with your show logo and custom banners to share links and important info

  • Assets and Screenshare

    Upload Images and Videos to share with your audience or directly present your screens content

  • Video Input Signals

    Use our amazing Input Layouts to place your guests and yourself in the spotlight!

  • Branded Backgrounds

    Select a background to create the perfect mood for your show!